I know how dead body smells like. I know how a knife feels under your throat held by a stranger. I know how painful kick in the stomach is by a grown up. I’ve seen someone die in front of me. And how exactly do I answer to a ‘how are you’ sincerely ?

Sleep Deficit and Shower Experiments

sleeping 2hours a day for the past week, working 12+ hours 6days a week. feel like jail would be easier but easy isn’t an option right now :D
started experimenting on how hot/cold i can bare my showers and i turn the knob all the way and can see my skin going red but i feel no pain or anything anymore. :D then straight to cold. not even a shiver. its like my body is so fed up with everything and doesn’t even care. now lets build NEW things in mind, turn a new mode on. ( Mode.. haha )